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About Us

Auctions...Going, going, GONE!

I've been involved with antiques and auctions my entire life.  The last twenty-plus years has given me the opportunity to continue the business & take it the next level...AUCTIONEERING! The auction business has changed so much over the past.  Many auctioneers forget the big picture, service to their clients.  Clapper Auctions, Antiques & Appraisals is bringing back honesty, competency & integrity.

We are your best choice in Central PA.  Specializing in Blair and Cambria Counties, Clapper Auctions will assist you in Estate Sales, Personal Property, Downsizing, Retirement/Nursing Home Situations, Appraisals and much more.

On-site versus Off-site Auctions

On-site Auctions:   

The most effective way to have an auction with the lowest  overall cost is having an on-site auction, or selling the items where they are without having the expense of moving the items for sale at  another location.   
We  will handle your entire auction from start to finish, giving you and  your auction the time that it deserves.  Our staff is available to set  up the auction when and where needed.  We will photograph and advertise  items, showcasing the best of your auction, oftentimes finding valuable  items that may have otherwise been missed.  Settlement is quick and easy  and in most cases we can pay you the same day of the auction!

Off-site Auctions:  When having an auction at your  location is just not possible we can arrange to have your sale moved to  another suitable location.  We will discuss all the options with you, giving you our recommendations to maximize your profits.  Again, we will give your sale the time and attention it deserves. We have  experienced staff who will properly pack and transport your items.  Our staff will set up and display the auction to give the best possible presentation.  Weather conditions on sale day won't be a factor. Some auctions have suffered due to low turnout based on inclement weather, but with our building & ample parking, you'll maximize the most for your items.


We do written appraisals.  In the case of a divorce or an estate that is being divided, we will present you accurate, current market price appraisals.  Our extensive antiques & collectibles knowledge with over 25 years will help settle an estate, divorce or family dispute where true, actual values are needed.

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